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Fall Exam Snacks, a Continued Tradition

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MSMS students lined up outside of Hooper in anticipation of delicious snacks organized by PLUS parents during fall finals week. Exam snacks serve as an encouraging break from studying at the end of each semester. “Like many others, my roommate and I bring our study guides and sit in line an hour before exam snacks, this allows us to talk with peers and ask questions if we don't understand something,” said River Gordon, MSMS senior.  This gives students an opportunity to join friends for a much-needed break away from their dorm, the library, notes, and books.

“Exam snacks are really a blessing because in the midst of all of the exam stress, we get a little bit of time to socialize with our peers and eat some good food,” said Faith Ivy, senior. The buffet of snacks included pizza, chili, sandwiches, chicken tenders, veggies, fruit, chips and dips, and an assortment of delicious desserts. Students also got a chance to sample dishes from different cultures. “It's really unique how diverse the parents are with the food they bring, like Sara's mom makes enchiladas, Devin's mom makes fried rice, and Dev's mom makes a curry,” said Gordon.

"This past December, we estimate that PLUS fed approximately 200 students the first night and just over 100 students on the three following evenings," said Janice Greenslade, PLUS President.

Exam snacks are organized and supplied primarily by parents in the Northeast region, but parents from throughout the state support the event. "Wayne and Ashley Chitmon coordinated this year's schedule and menu along with other wonderful parent volunteers to make it a huge success,” added Greenslade.

PLUS will be serving exam snacks again in May and will send out an email looking for parent volunteers to help supply and serve food.

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