MSMS High School Summer Enrichment Camp

MSMS High School Summer Enrichment Camp 2015

by zaria evans, jaylen hopson, taylor isom, piper mophett, challyn rice, petra rivera, benjamin russell, mariana strawn, and harrison till.

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, ninety high school students from all over the country descended upon the Mississippi school for mathematics and science in Columbus, Mississippi for the sixth annual MSMS enrichment summer camp.

“This camp offers the opportunity to bring together highly motivated, very academically talented students and give them an opportunity to explore some hands on math and science classes,” said MSMS Camp Director Rick Smith.  

The camp, for rising ninth and tenth grade students, offered more than a dozen different classes. Each one is designed to spark interest in math, science, and leadership.

Nearly all the classes were taught by MSMS faculty members. Classes ranged from pure math oriented classes like Crypto Craze II, a class about code breaking, to Music and Math Rocks!, a class about using mathematical principals to design musical instruments.

“In Robotics, for example, each student has a partner and they have to work together to make anything work,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Austin Drury. “And most of the classes there are groups, and all of the groups have to work together.”

During the evening hours, students engaged in leadership activities each themed around one of the four MSMS ideals: Scholarship, Service, Creativity, and Community.

“The only real need for scholarship is for helping others, and expound on knowledge for others,” said MSMS Camp Counselor Connor MaCnamee. “So basically what we are doing is preparing a generation of kids who have empathy for others.”

Several counselors staffed the camp. Each one is either a graduate of MSMS or a current student of the school.

“Coming back as a counselor you get to see the other perspective,” said MSMS Camp Counselor and MSMS alumna, Mary Paige Thrash. “You get to see the new students’ thirst for knowledge and you get to see how interested they are. MSMS gave me two really great years. I chose to go to school here and I graduated from here. You just learn so much. Not only from the educational standpoint, but you become a family and create a bond between the faculty here and other students. It’s a great opportunity to give back and show that bond and how unique our school is to other children.”

The camp will end on Friday, June 26, but for these campers, the lessons learned will last a lifetime.