Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary Courses

The world today is composed of interrelated social, biological, physical, and technological systems that are inherently complex. One of the objectives is to provide students with an avenue to explore connections between seemingly divergent topics. The interdisciplinary courses described below are designed to give students a foundation for developing skills that will allow them to become effective problem solvers.

Introduction to American Film
Foundations of Western Thought

ID 145 – Introduction to American Film
This course is a study of the development of cinematic techniques and ideals in twentieth-century America.  Successful students will complete outside readings, will respond to the literature through critical essays and timed examinations, and will participate in class.  (Please note that this course is an elective.)

ID 160 – Foundations of Western Thought
Students will read and discuss selected works of some of our culture’s most influential intellectual figures. The development of philosophical traditions will be traced beginning with Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Zeno, and Augustine, continuing through Rousseau, Kant, Nietzsche, Freud, and Sartre.

ID 180 – Health
This course will cover the mental, emotional, and social health of the individual.  It also studies stress and means of handling life.  The course is an outstanding study for the improvement of the quality of health.  It includes 10 lessons and 2 tests and is an online course.  Students who have not taken health prior to attending MSMS, must complete health by the end of their junior year.

Note:  Health will not count toward the 13 MSMS required credits.