Math Review Home

The MSMS math teachers hope to give you an opportunity to review important math concepts this summer. Follow the instructions listed below that correspond to your fall MSMS math schedule. All students are required to keep a notebook that shows notes from the videos (if applicable) and work from the problem sets (labeled neatly). If you have questions or find mistakes, email Lauren Zarandona (

Please do your best! We hope that all of these concepts are review but realize that some of the math may be new or difficult. We are not expecting perfection. If you get frustrated, stop, take a break, and write questions (such as, "How do find the common base?" or "Why do you subtract in the second step on the solutions sheet?") when you just cannot find the answer. Simply stating "I don't get it" or asking, "What should I do?" is equivalent to giving up.

If you will take Algebra 2 and or Foundations next year, watch all of the videos and do all of the problem sets found on the pages labeled "Fractions," "Factoring," "Math for Science," and "Equations" (see navigation at left).

If you will not take Foundations next year because you tested into AP Statistics or AP Calculus FOR THE FALL, only watch the videos as needed found on the pages labeled "Fractions," "Factoring," "Math for Science," and "Equations" (see navigation at left). Please do all of the problem sets since the topics pertain to many of the science classes and are a good review before calculus.