Accellerated Algebra II


Accelerated Algebra II

Taught By: Ms. Zarandona
Class Length: One Semester
Topics Covered: The Complex Number System, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Relations and Functions, Polynomials, Rational Expressions and Equations, and Logarithmic and Exponential Expressions and Equations
Prerequisites: Algebra I and Geometry (from your home school)
Why Do I Need This?: Algebra II is one of the foundation classes for your mathematics education. Anything requiring higher mathematics will require a good grasp of the concepts you learn in Algebra II.

If you have not yet taken Algebra II, this will be the very first math class you take at MSMS. This is the most basic math class that is taught at MSMS. That said, it is a full year Algebra II class covered in a single semester (don't panic, you can handle it!). Algebra II will continue the fundamentals you learned in Algebra I at your home school and will introduce elements of math like quadratic equations, polynomials, rational expressions and logarithms. The things you learn in this class will be the foundation for your math skills as you progress at MSMS.

If you have already had Algebra II at your home school, however, you will not take this class. Rather, you will begin with Foundations of Higher Math or Math Modeling.