Math Lab

Math Lab

Note: This is open to any student that is Enrolled in Fall Foundations.

Class length: one semester (just one day per week)

When is is offered: Fall semester

Who can take it: Juniors enrolled in Foundations who might benefit from additional time spent working on important mathematical topics in a small group setting. Moreover, juniors with credit for Pre-Calculus or higher should enroll as a means of staying up-to-date on topics needed for success in AP Calculus.

Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

Why take this course: Students who scored below a teacher-determined cutoff score are required to take Math Lab. While the class does not count towards graduation requirements, students earn extra credit in Foundations for full participation each week. Students who already have credit for Pre-Calculus will not receive any extra credit but should take it in order to review for AP Calculus.