It's All About the Numb3rs II

It's All About the Numbers 

By: Piper Mophett, Mariana Strawn, Benjamin Russell 

Students Solving Math Problems

Students Solving Math Problems

In It’s All About the Numbers II, students at the MSMS Enrichment Camp are learning new and unique methods to solve mathematical problems.

“With this class I hope to solve open-ended problems that might have more than one answer,” said Lauren Zarandona, the class’s instructor. ”And really encourage students to communicate math to each other and be comfortable with the math that they’re using.”

One problem is to ensure that Barbie dolls have enough rubber bands in their bungee cord to survive the trip over the edge of a second story staircase. The students used their math skills to calculate the needed amount of rubber bands for Barbie’s bungee cord. Their mathematical skills made sure that Barbie had a fun, yet safe trip down.

After the bungee jumping was over, the students proceeded back to the classroom to contemplate their achievements as well as consider what they could’ve done to get the problem correct. The campers collaborated as a class to help the process along, and to help each other  solve the problem.