The MSMS Entrepreneurship Program was established in the fall semester of 2015 with the goal of showing MSMS students how they can become entrepreneurs and contribute to the future economy of Mississippi.

The program consists of:

The Economics & Entrepreneurship Course - Through the second half of this semester course, students learn the steps to formulating a business idea and turning it into a viable venture. The capstone project for the class is a submission of an original and comprehensive business plan.

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series- Entrepreneurs and educators are brought to campus to talk to students about their journey to business ownership and answer student questions about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

The MSMS Business Plan Competition - Beginning in 2018, MSMS hosts an annual business plan competition for any interested MSMS students. In the course of the competition, students work with local and state-wide businesspeople and entrepreneurship educators to hone their plans and pitches. The final round, held in the spring semester, consists of the top five groups presenting their business pitches to an audience, with the top three teams winning a cash prize.