Engineering Department

The purpose of the Engineering Program is to expose students to a variety of engineering courses, concepts, skills and applications so that if completed the student will have a beginning background in engineering entering college and eventually the work force. Students will be provided hands-on, real-world learning experiences through the Engineering Lab that will help them learn problem solving skills.

SC 345 – Electronics
This course is offered to allow students an opportunity to develop expertise in the area of electronics. Assignments will be made from both text and laboratory designs. Students can gain familiarity with microprocessors, digital circuits, and analog circuits in this course. A major part of the grade will be a final project. (NO LAB DAY)

CS 716 – Introduction to Robotics
This course is an introduction to the study of Robotics and programming.  Students will learn to program robots using the Arduino microcontroller and programming language in order to perform both simple and complex tasks individually and in groups. Students will also learn to use 3D printers to create the bodies, arms, wheels, and any other miscellaneous parts needed. This course will focus on the creative aspects of the Robotics design process while also requiring students to bring their creations to life with programming.SC

210 – Introduction to Engineering (College Credit)
This course will be taught at Mississippi State University one day a week for MSMS seniors.  This course provides an introduction to engineering disciplines and fundamental engineering principles through problem-based learning, including engineering mechanics, engineering materials, mass balances, heat/fluid transfer, electrical circuits, technical writing and teamwork.

SC211 – Introduction to Chemical Engineering (College Credit)
The purpose of this course is to analyze fundamental engineering problems and systematically develop appropriate solutions. Students will use basic Excel tools to collect and analyze data from engineering designs and use this process for making design and performance improvements; use the Engineering Design cycle concept for approaching our Team Challenges and for making improvements in the processes or designs.; tack a technical problem from a word description through defining it with appropriate drawings, concepts, symbols and equations to reach a solution. This course is open to juniors and seniors.