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The MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp Middle School News Team.

The MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp High School News Team.

When most students signed up for Convergent Media, a class taught at the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp, most were unsure what to expect.

"I think it's some kind of video editing class," one student remarked. 

The students would soon find out it was much more than that. Students in the class would be expected to write well, to shoot pictures and video well, to edit well, and to publish all their content onto this website.

Most of the students had little to no experience working with the technology and techniques this course taught, but all the students surpassed the wildest expectations of the program's instructor, Wade Leonard.

"The goal was to show these students that the barrier to creating interesting media is not technological," said Leonard. "Technology changes all the time. The equipment I used when learning to work with media looks very different than what I'm using now. What hasn't changed is the craft of good storytelling and basic concepts of design. If you can master that, the rest is just knowing what buttons to push."

With only about eight contact hours with Mr. Leonard, the Convergent media students we able to write six stories about six different classes, create two video packages, and publish their work to this website.


"The idea of convergence essentially means using several different methods to tell the same story," said Leonard. "Yes, we worked with video and photo editing, and yes we worked with web design, but I hope they thing they took away from this class is that good writing is the foundation of good media creation."

The class culminated with a visit to WCBI-News in Columbus, Mississippi. There, the students were able to watch the production and execution of the six o'clock news. Following the news, the content they created was used for an original news show, produced by WCBI and MSMS. The show the students made can be found at the top of this page, and by visiting