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Welcome Home, Alumni

Being a graduate of MSMS is special. Since the first class graduated in 1990, only about 3,000 Mississippians have donned the blue and white and received a diploma from this incredible institution. However, we don’t want any of you to feel that your relationship with the school ended on the day you walked across the graduation stage. Rather, graduating from MSMS is a new beginning. It means you now have the opportunity to become someone who makes sure that all capable Mississippi students have access to the same opportunities you had.

During the course of the school’s history, MSMS has not done a very good job keeping up with our alumni. We admit that. But now, we are working to change that fact. Over the past few years, the school has worked along side the MSMS Foundation to provide value to all the Blue Waves who share the incredible experience that is MSMS.

What You Can Do

First, you can let us know where you are and what you are doing. Simply click here or on the Update Your Information button on this page and fill out the form that opens. This will help us stay in contact with you and share information about the school, the needs of the school, and dates of future alumni events. After you submit your information, encourage your MSMS friends and classmates to do the same.

Secondly, consider donating to the MSMS Foundation. The Foundation not only supports the school by purchasing equipment and helping the day-to-day operations of MSMS, they also provide scholarships to students and families who have trouble paying the $500 per semester fee that the state now requires of MSMS students. Your contributions ensure that every capable Mississippian has a shot at MSMS, regardless of their economic situation. If all MSMS alumni donated $20.00 a month to the Foundation, then the school would be on much surer footing.

We know you love your school. We know you love the friends you made during your time here. We know that MSMS put you on the path to achieve great things. Please, help us ensure that we continue to provide an opportunity for excellence for generations to come.

Reunion Weekends

We want your association with the school to have value. Therefore, MSMS along with the MSMS Foundation has recently begun hosting annual Reunion Weekends. The weekends are a way to catch up with friends, learn about the future and needs of MSMS, and generally have a really good time. While still a work in progress, the Reunion Weekends we have held have been very well received by those who attended. Each weekend is open to any and all MSMS alumni who want to come home, but each will focus on the 25th, 20th, and 10th class reunions of the year in which they are held. The next Reunion Weekend, scheduled for April of 2016, will honor the Classes of 1991, 1996, 2001, and 2006 respectively. Click here or the button on this page to learn more about Reunion Weekends. By sharing your contact information with us, you can be sure you will never miss out on one of these fun and rewarding events.

contact information

MSMS now has an office dedicated to alumni affairs. Coordinator for Alumni and Public Relations, Wade Leonard is your representative and advocate at the school. He is a member of the MSMS Class of 1999, so he understands deeply what this school means to all of you. If you have thoughts or suggestions, he can be reached at