Let the Games Begin: Ala-La-Miss Math Competitions

By Shelbi Allen, Staff Writer for the Vision

This article originally appeared in the MSMS student newspaper, the Vision

Each year MSMS students participate in in the Ala-La-Miss Mathematics League competitions.

These are six competitions that students from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are allowed to compete in to show mathematical ability. Led by Instructor Lauren Zarandona, students meet at 6:15 in Hooper Auditorium on designated Mondays to compete with their calculators. The competitions each run for approximately 30 minutes.

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So far in the 2015-16 school year, MSMS has competed in three of the six competitions. The first was held on Oct. 5; the second was held on Nov. 9, and the third was held on Dec. 7. Approximately 20 to 30 people have attended each of the three competitions.

Last school year, MSMS placed fifth place in the entire league, and MSMS alum Kate Johnson achieved placement on the list of highest scoring individuals for the year.

Jacob McDonald says, “I like the competitive spirit of it.” He described the competitions as cumulative, and a student could miss a competition and still do very well, as the points stack throughout the year. Schools compete against each other, and the individual students’ scores are also considered.  “We’re competing as a school,” said McDonald.