Meet Dr. Easterling! Countdown to Application Deadline 2015. Ep. 5

Welcome to the fifth episode of our Countdown to Application Deadline series. Today, Mr. Wade speaks with Dr. Thomas Easterling, one of the school's extraordinary English instructors. Dr. Easterling teaches American Literature, Shakespeare, University English, Modern American Poetry, Dramatic Performance, Introduction to Film, and Late American Drama.

Dr. Easterling and Mr. Wade talk about what makes the English programs at MSMS different than what many might be used to at their current schools, and how the school's strong humanities program folds in vitally with the rest of the remarkable curriculum that can be found at MSMS.

The deadline for application to the Class of 2017 is February 14, 2015. So get to work on those applications and come back by tomorrow for the next episode of this series!