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2018 Commencement
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Join us live on Saturday, May 26 at 11:00 am for the graduation of the MSMS Class of 2018. The 103 students who make up this class have accepted nearly $9.6 million in college aid, with the median being $66,903. 

Graduation will take place in Rent Auditorium on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women. This year's commencement speaker is Dr. J. Racquel Collins, Assistant Dean of St Jude Children's Research Hospital Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. 

MSMS Student, Helen Peng, Wins Congressional Art Competition
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Helen Peng, current junior at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, was selected as a winner for the 2018 Congressional Art Competition. Ms. Peng was selected to represent district one for the state of Mississippi by the Office of U.S. Congressman Trent Kelly.

The Congressional Art Competition is an annual event hosted by the Congressional Institute. It is a visual arts competition open to high school students across the United States with the aim of recognizing and showcasing artistic talent from each congressional district. Interested students submit their entries to their representative’s office to be judged by panels of artists from that district. Winners are recognized through a reception in their district and are then invited to attend a national awards ceremony in Washington, DC. The winning works of art are displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year.

Ms. Peng was honored at a reception at Farmington City Hall on Thursday, April 26 and won two tickets to Washington, DC to attend the national reception in June. 

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MSMS Soccer Players Selected to the MSHAA All-District Soccer Team
 Not pictured: Sarah Swiderski.

Not pictured: Sarah Swiderski.

The following MSMS Soccer Players were selected to the MSHSAA Region 4 1A/2A/3A All-District Soccer team by the district soccer coaches.

For the Lady Waves, Defender Sarah Swiderski, Mid-Fielder Madison Wypyski, and Forward Erin Williams were selected 1st Team All-District.

Goal-Keeper Gabby Kennedy, along Mid-Fielders Amber Means and Mia Riddley were selected 2nd Team All-District.

Additionally, Erin Williams was selected District Best MF/Fwd, and Gabby Kennedy was selected District Best Goal-Keeper.

For the Blue Waves, Defenders Brent Styles and Morgan Emokpae wer selected 1st Team All-District.

Mid-Fielder David Thaggard and Forward Daniel Leetran were selected 2nd Team All-District.

Congratulations to each of these players for their hard work and accomplishments!

   From left to right:  Morgan Emokpae, Brent Styles, David Thaggard, Daniel Leetran.

From left to right:  Morgan Emokpae, Brent Styles, David Thaggard, Daniel Leetran.

   From left to right:  Amber Means, Mia Riddley, Gabby Kennedy, Madison Wypyski, Erin Williams.  Not pictured: Sarah Swiderski.

From left to right:  Amber Means, Mia Riddley, Gabby Kennedy, Madison Wypyski, Erin Williams.  Not pictured: Sarah Swiderski.

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MSMS Sweeps State Mu Alpha Theta Convention

On Sunday, April 15 and Monday, April 16, students from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science competed in the 2018 Mu Alpha Theta State Convention at Mississippi College. 

Mu Alpha Theta is the national high school mathematics society and was formed in 1957 at the University of Oklahoma with a mission to encourage and inspire an interest in mathematics scholarship among high schoolers across the United States. Each state organizes an annual statewide convention for students and teachers to participate in math-related competitions designed to reward outstanding extracurricular achievement in the field of mathematics.

This year, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science won the overall sweepstakes prize at the state convention! The team was led by William Johnson and Leah Pettit, both seniors at MSMS. Additionally, Gary Nguyen and Jim Zhang, also current seniors at MSMS, were instrumental in organizing and overseeing team practices. Mrs. Lauren Zarandona, Mathematics Faculty at MSMS, served as the club’s sponsor and devoted countless hours to assist the team on their quest to conquer the state convention competition. Congratulations to the entire Mu Alpha Theta team for their excellent academic performance at the state convention. 

Below is a complete summary of individual and team awards:

Ezra McWilliams- Algebra 2, 5th place

Michelle Luo- Trig/Pre-Cal, 1st place

Liz Huynh-  Trig/Pre-Cal, 8th place

Danail Dimitrov-  Trig/Pre-Cal, 9th place

Connor Chitmon- College Algebra, 2nd place

Aidan Warren- College Algebra, 4th place

Kevin Liao- Statistics, 1st place

Maria Kaltchenko-  Statistics, 4th place; Chalk Talk, 1st place

Lori Feng-  Statistics, 7th place

Leah Pettit-  Statistics, 8th place

Hamilton Wan- Calculus- 1st place

Brent Styles-  Calculus- 2nd place

Aidan Dunkelberg-  Calculus- 7th place

Victoria Gong-  Calculus- 8th place


As a team, MSMS won:

4th place Banner

2nd place Scrapbook

4th place Logo

1st place Video (thanks to Kendra Bradley, Michelle Luo, and Vivienne Tenev)

6th place Junior Ciphering

1st place Intermediate Ciphering

1st place Advanced Ciphering

1st place Potpourri

3rd place Hustle

1st place Relay

2nd place Interschool

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Student Environmental Awareness League Celebrates Earth Day
earth day 2018.JPG

By Mariat Thankachan

In honor of Earth Day, the MSMS Student Environmental Awareness League (SEAL) organized a celebration event for the student body and faculty on April 19. A memorable time for those in attendance, the after-school gathering served as a manner in which the SEAL team could spread their passion for the importance of nature and raise awareness about threats to the environment’s beauty. 

Dr. Bill Odom is the club’s sponsor. He comments on the goal of the green team’s plans.

“We wanted to bring awareness to students of all ages about the condition of the earth and how to keep it healthy,” Odom explained. 

In order to engage the student body, the Earth Day celebration featured bubbles, cupcakes, contests, and sidewalk chalk drawings to encourage the recycling and overall well being of the earth. Students were given the opportunity to compete for reusable water bottles and potted plants as rewards for guessing the correct amount of cans in a bucket, promoting Earth Day on social media, or contributing plastics and used paper to the recycling bin. 

“I loved having everyone come out for a fun time. Having music and cupcakes created a carefree environment that everyone could enjoy. We ended up filling a whole recycling bin up with recyclable materials the students brought, which is a big accomplishment. In the end, I hope the event promoted the idea of recycling, so more people will do it,” SEAL member Anna Mynatt exclaimed. 

The celebration also spotlighted Earthie the Earth Ball, a model of the earth club members created out of used paper and trash bags. In order to structure the giant ball, volunteer crafters spent days crumbling decades-old newspapers and shredded paper into plastic trash bags. These stuffed bags were then taped around a central heavy metal and covered with a blank bedsheet. Students proceeded to spray paint the mass to portray a realistic image of the earth. While the intended purpose of the earth ball was to form a team-building exercise, students preferred trying to lift and push it around. 

Odom stated, “I love the earth ball. I’ve been trying to do it for twenty years. I haven’t had the opportunity to play the  game yet with youngsters, but hopefully next year. I’d like to do more with kids.” 

As part of Earth Week, SEAL also conducted an electronic waste disposal collection on April 21. Both students and faculty contributed numerous pieces of used electronics, including television screens, computers, batteries, phones, and several other household appliances. SEAL properly disposed of the items through the Right Way to Throw Away program sponsored by the Golden Triangle Solid Waste Management Authority. 

“I’ve been trying to do e-waste removal services for about five or six years now. E-waste is a problem in today’s society, especially in the United States to properly dispose of our electronic devices and there are few opportunities to do that. I am trying to use this organization as a way to spread that word and to promote that responsible disposal of these hazardous devices. There are heavy metals, there are plastics, etc. that need to be properly disposed, so this is a good opportunity for us to begin something that might grow into a state level. The Golden Triangle Solid Waste Management Authority has long been a friend of MSMS and has always tried to help and educate MSMS students about recycling and waste management and the technical specifications that disposal has become,” Odom expressed. 

The SEAL team has been determined this year to put their efforts into helping others in the community realize the importance of taking care of the environment and learn to appreciate its true beauty. Along with hosting a park clean-up at a local site and collecting electronic waste from surrounding communities to dispose of e-waste properly, the club intends to continue their work projects. Their next move is to purchase a plastic chipper that will allow students to shred plastic, which can be later used for 3-D printing in the MSMS engineering lab.  

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