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MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp 2017 - High School Edition

The 2017 MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp was a resounding success. Eighty-nine students from all over the state and country spent the past week living, learning, and playing at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus, Mississippi.

Students engaged in leadership activities, participated in fun and stimulating classes, and generally had a good time. Students of one of the camp's classes, Convergent Media, worked all week long to cover what happened at this year's camp. With the help of WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi the students were even able to produce their very own news show about the experience.

This camp was made possible through the generous support of Butler Snow, Cooper Tires, Entergy, the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Cooperative Energy, the Phil Hardin Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.

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Math Art - High School Summer Camp 2017

By: Mykailla Foster, Andie Nanney, and Madison Meeks

The Math Art class at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Enrichment Camp engages campers by teaching them about the math behind famous works of art.

The class is taught by the school’s very own, Lauren Zarandona. The students sharpen their math skills while also broadening their artistic views. The students, within two days, have worked on tessellations, symmetry, and recognizing math in the art around them.

“Hopefully, it will make them see not just the value of learning, but also that it can be fun and enjoyable and maybe draw them to MSMS because it’s very cool,” says Ella Stone, one of the camp counsellors.

While sometimes frustrating, the campers get challenged in ways they do not expect in this class. For more information about this class--or the camp--please visit

Crypto Craze - High School Summer Camp 2017

by Natyia Pounders, Demia Bland, and Simeon Gates

In Crypto Craze, MSMS summer campers get crazy about codes. The class aims to teach campers about the science of sending secret messages along with the math of decoding them.  But math and science are not the only skills the students are learning.

“The students get to build teamwork with each other, and also enhance problem solving skills,” said Shae Koenigsberger.  

Koenigsberger, a member of the MSMS math faculty, has been teaching at the camp for the past four years. The campers get to solve encrypted riddles and jokes, and even create their own secret messages to share.

For more information, visit

Visual Programming/ High school Summer Camp 2017

By: Cale Upton and Corrin Dixon

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Summer Enrichment camp offers a class called visual programming. This class is instructed by Josh Crowson, a teacher here at MSMS. Students use one dimensional shapes called turtles to explore programming. During this course, campers learn how to program using python, a free coding language.

“Definitely worth the effort and is something that will change your life”, said camp counselor and rising MSMS senior Daniel Smothers.

For more information about visual programing and MSMS Summer Enrichment camp go to


Trading Places- MSMS High School Camp 2017

By: Hayden Jones, Fiona Dawe, Hailey M.

At the Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science Enrichment Camp, Trading Places is a class that gives students a chance to learn about medieval times.  

Students are learning about the science of the time period. Some of the things Trading Places will do are bookbinding, making paints, painting , and rope making. 

“The students are trading the present for the past,” said Catherine Koehler.

Koehler has been teaching this class for three years.

If you want more information visit