The Chemistry of Art

By Petra Rivera,Taylor Isom, & Zaria Evans

Students making art out of copper clay.

Students making art out of copper clay.

Chemistry of art, a course taught by Christina Wagner at the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp, teaches students that they can be both smart and creative.

Students are using their knowledge of chemicals and applying them to an art project. This class teaches students what colors mix, which don’t, and which fibers take dye. They are learning how to use metal clay and what happens when it melts. They are also seeing how people fake artwork and how they get away with it.

“The fun part is to identify that you have skills beyond academics. Its amazing when you see the kids do art, music, sports… find out they are more than the kid in the classroom.” said Christina Wagner.

Students of the Chemistry of art start off working on how to dye with certain types of material or fiber. By the end of the week, the students will display the projects for their parents.