Properties of Matter

Taught By: Kaye Truitt
Course Length: One Semester
 Prerequisites: None
 Topics Covered: Measurement, atomic and molecular structure, stochiometry, bonding, periodicy, and the periodic table of elements

“What in the world isn’t Chemistry?”  Clothes, cell phones, pizza, cars, clouds, rocks, people—it’s ALL Chemistry! This course helps students to “see” chemistry all around them. Hands on investigations, demonstrations and lab experiences give students the opportunity to DO chemistry in order to understand it better. Properties of Matter is a foundational course in chemistry that prepares students for advanced chemistry courses at MSMS. This course teaches students to understand the structure and properties of matter.  After this course, students are able to:

    • Use scientific measurement and dimensional analysis to interpret data
    • Trace the development of atomic theory and identify subatomic structure of atoms
    • Systematically name compounds and write chemical formulas
    • Write and balance chemical equations
    • Predict and classify chemical reactions
    • Use stoichiometry to determine amounts of reactants and products in chemical reactions
    • Use the periodic table to predict properties of elements and formation of compounds
    • Distinguish and predict bonding of atoms and molecular shapes