University English I

Taught By: Dr. Scott Curtis and Dr. Thomas Easterling
Class Length: Two Semesters
 Topics Covered: American Literature from the colonial period to the present.
 Prerequisites: Junior standing, Admission to MUW and a composite score of 25 on the ACT

University English I combines a survey of American literature with a study of advanced writing strategies. You will see how our finest writers tell the fascinating story of Puritans, farmers, businessmen, rogues, and rapscallions all battling it out for the soul of America. You will become accomplished in the use of the cumulative sentence, a pleasing rhetorical device often employed by professional writers. As the name suggests, this class is offered for dual credit. This means that you will earn a unit toward graduation from MSMS, and you will receive six hours of credit in English from the Mississippi University for Women, located here in Columbus. And the university takes care of your tuition: you don't pay a dime. The challenges of this course are many, but so are the rewards.