Creative Writing I

Taught By: Mrs. Emma Richardson
Class Length: One year (meets one day per week for .5 elective credit)
 Topics Covered: Poetry, Short Fiction, and Creative Non-fiction Essay Composition
 Prerequisites: None

Attention all students interested in delving into the fascinating world of writing: Creative Writing I is the class for you!  This course is a phenomenal way to become immersed in the writing process. Under the guidance of Mrs. Emma Richardson, students practice various forms of writing including poetry, creative non-fiction essays, and short stories. Upon receiving a new writing assignment, students have an entire week to complete the task. After a week of diligent work, the students share their creations with the whole class. The process of reading the works of peers is truly enriching by experiencing the diverse perspectives of classmates. Evaluating the works of peers sharpens editing abilities and helps students better understand their own writing. Furthermore, Creative Writing I is an effective way to enhance writing ability on standardized testing. Both the SAT and ACT writing sections become a breeze after being trained how to write more effectively.  Creative Writing I is a worthwhile experience for any students interested in writing and in producing our MSMS literary arts journal, Southern Voices, the major group project of the class.

-Brendan Ryan, Class of 2014