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“What in the world isn’t Chemistry?”  Clothes, cell phones, pizza, cars, clouds, rocks, people—it’s ALL Chemistry! Any chemistry course helps students to “see” chemistry all around them in the world. At MSMS, hands-on investigations, demonstrations and lab experiences give students the opportunity to do chemistry in order to understand chemistry.

Figure 1 shows possible sequences of chemistry courses while attending MSMS.

Figure 1:  This flowchart give a good idea of how a student might sequence his or her chemistry coursework while attending MSMS.

Figure 1:  This flowchart give a good idea of how a student might sequence his or her chemistry coursework while attending MSMS.

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Properties of Matter
Chemical Reactions
AP® Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Introduction to Biochemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Special Topics in Chemistry

Notes about course sequence:

  • Juniors who have never taken Chemistry are enrolled in Properties of Matter.
  • Juniors who have taken Chemistry will take a placement test to determine their level of proficiency. Students are placed in AP Chem or Properties of Matter depending on their placement score.  This procedure ensures that students have the best chance of being successful and learn the core principles needed to study higher levels of chemistry their senior year.
  • Seniors may enroll in Organic Chemistry, and/or Analytical Chemistry and/or Physical Chemistry and/or Biochemistry. Biochem requires teacher recommendation.


Requirements for Graduation: All students are required to successfully complete one full year of chemistry for 1 Carnegie Unit (two semesters) at MSMS. Students will complete either the two semester sequence of Properties of Matter (½ CU) and Chemical Reactions (½ CU) or AP®Chemistry (1 CU) to fulfill the requirement.

Requirements for Graduation with the Concentration in Chemistry: The Concentration in Chemistry is designed for students who pursue an advanced plan of study in chemistry while attending MSMS. The Concentration in Chemistry helps colleges identify MSMS graduates with advanced preparation in chemistry and who might benefit from placement in higher level coursework at the college level. Students who shall have completed 2.5 approved chemistry Carnegie Units with a B-average in each course or higher while attending MSMS shall qualify. The Chemistry Department and Director for Academic Affairs shall determine which courses meet approval. The Concentration in Chemistry is awarded to qualified students whose applications are approved by the Director for Academic Affairs. The approved courses for the Concentration in Chemistry shall include:

  • 1.0 Carnegie Unit AP® Chemistry
  •  Additional 1.5 Carnegie Units (three semesters), which must include three of the following courses: Organic Chemistry (0.5 CU), Introduction to Biochemistry (0.5 CU), Analytical Chemistry (0.5 CU), Physical Chemistry (0.5 CU).

Other course work may not be substituted. Students applying for the recognition and who meet the approved criteria will be awarded a seal on the MSMS Diploma indicating successful completion of the Concentration in Chemistry, and the final MSMS transcript will reflect Graduation with the Concentration in Chemistry.

Chemistry Instructors:  Elizabeth Morgan, Kaye Truitt and Michelle Leonard

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