Financial Aid

Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial assistance, applicants must submit a complete financial assistance package that includes ALL of the following items.

Camp Application - The student must complete the appropriate application and submit it online.

Financial Assistance Application Package - The following items should be printed and completed by the student and/or parent and mailed or faxed to the MSMS Admissions Office.

Attn: Summer Enrichment Camp
MSMS Admissions Office
1100 College Street, MUW - 1627
Columbus, MS 39701
Fax: 662-329-8570

  • Financial Assistance Application - The parent and student will print, complete, and submit to the MSMS Admissions Office by mail or fax.
  • Proof of Family's Adjusted Income - Since families may not have filed their 2016 tax return by the application deadline, include a copy of the first page of your family's most recent (2015 or 2016) state OR federal tax return showing the number and names of dependents and your adjusted gross income (line 13 on the Mississippi form or line 21 on the U.S. Individual Tax Return 1040) in the package submitted to the MSMS Admissions Office. You may redact the SSN's if you desire.
  • Student Narratives - The student will complete the narrative form in his or her own handwriting and include it in the package submitted to the MSMS Admissions Office.
  • Teacher's Recommendation- The student should provide the teacher recommendation form to one of his/her math or science teachers. The teacher will complete the form and return it to the MSMS Admissions Office using the contact information at the bottom of the form.
  • Transcript - The student should request that his/her school provide a copy of his/her transcript showing grades for the past two years.  If the student has copies of report cards showing all grades for the past two years, the student may send those himself/herself instead of the school transcript.

Students who participate in a gifted program at their home school may be eligible to receive a MAGC Elisabeth Mosley Memorial Student Scholarship provided by the Mississippi Association for Gifted Children. To apply for those funds, students should contact their gifted teachers, who can, then, nominate them for that scholarship through MAGC.