Selected Works of British Literature

Taught By: Mrs. Emma Richardson and Dr. Thomas Easterling
Class Length: One Year
 Topics Covered: British Literature
 Prerequisites: Senior Standing

When you walk into Mrs. Richardson's Brit Lit class, take your cue from the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t panic! You’ll be issued a big stack of books (including The Hitchhiker’s Guide) and a multi-page syllabus with day-to-day assignments for the entire semester.  Don’t panic! The syllabus is your friend and will help you manage your time in preparing for the course.  First semester, you will read works that are examples of British humor; unlike Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, you’ll be able to recognize sarcasm and other types of irony a mile away—and have some fun, too.  You’ll do blog assignments, creative responses, and multi-modal projects that demonstrate and expand your grasp of the works’ themes and stylistic devices.  You will write essays, including the all-important college-application essay, as well as a research paper on a book revelatory of British humor you yourself have selected.  Second semester, you will read and view texts that feature hero stories—from Beowulf to Jane Eyre, from World War I poetry to Gandhi, and many more.  So, Don’t panic!—but be sure to Bring a towel!