The study of life, biology is one of the cornerstones of the scientific disciplines. In some ways, biology is the oldest of the sciences; and in other ways, it is one of the youngest. While the careful observation and classification of living organisms goes at least as far back as Aristotle, mankind's understanding of the true mechanisms by which life is possible has only occurred within the last century. At MSMS, you will get an understanding of these mechanisms and how they work. People who are interested in biology can go onto several career fields including medicine, biological engineering, biological research (i.e. marine biology) and many, many other fields.

Figure 1 illustrates possible course sequences possible for biology.

Figure 1: This flowchart illustrates possible course sequences for biology coursework.

Figure 1: This flowchart illustrates possible course sequences for biology coursework.

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AP® Biology
Cell Biology
Plant Physiology
Animal Physiology
Ecology of Environmental Problems
Human Infectious Disease
Introduction to Biochemistry
Special Topics in Biology

Requirements for Graduation: All students are required to complete successfully one full year of biology for 1 full CU (two semesters).

Requirements for Graduation with the Concentration in Biology: The Concentration in Biology is designed for students who pursue an advanced plan of study in biology while attending MSMS. The Concentration in Biology helps colleges identify MSMS graduates with advanced preparation in biology and who might benefit from placement in higher level coursework at the college level.  Students who shall have completed 2.5 approved biology Carnegie Units with a B-average in each course or higher while attending MSMS shall qualify. The Biology Department and Director for Academic Affairs shall determine which courses meet approval. The Concentration in Biology is awarded to qualified students whose applications are approved by the Director for Academic Affairs. The approved courses for the Concentration in Biology shall include:

  • 1.0 Carnegie Unit AP® Biology
  • Additional 1.5 Carnegie Units (three semester courses) which may include Microbiology (0.5 CU), Animal Physiology (0.5 CU), Plant Physiology (0.5 CU), Human Infectious Disease (0.5 CU), or Introduction to Biochemistry (0.5 CU).

Other course work may not be substituted. Students applying for the recognition and who meet the approved criteria will be awarded a seal on the MSMS Diploma indicating successful completion of the Concentration in Biology, and the final MSMS transcript will reflect graduation with Concentration in Biology.

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