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The application for the msms class of 2019 is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in MSMS, but the deadline for application to the MSMS Class of 2019 has now passed. If you have submitted your application to MSMS, you will be hearing from us soon. Otherwise, good luck in all your endeavors!

This is where you can not only find the application for the MSMS Class of 2019, but also where you can find lots and lots of information about the application, itself. We strive to make completing the MSMS application as easy as possible so that you can spend more time submitting your best work and less time trying to figure out exactly what it is we are looking for. We offer you three methods to complete the application.

  • You may print the application and send it in to us in whatever manner you prefer, e.g., regular mail, fax, or scan and email.
  • You may work a page at a time on the interactive .PDF version of the application, save and print each page as you complete it, and send it in to us in whatever manner you prefer, e.g., regular mail, fax, or email.. 
  • You may complete the application online, one page at a time. You will get email notifications each time you send in part of the application, letting you know that we have received your submission. 
  • Or you can do a combination of all three. We don't really care how  you get your application to us; we only care that you complete it and follow the application instructions carefully.
  • You may use the checklist included with the application to help keep track of what you have submitted. Additionally, if you have any concerns about what we have received, you may call the Admissions Office at 800-553-6459.

For detailed instructions about the MSMS Application, click on the Application Instructions button above. To get started or continue with the application click on one of the options above. 

Fax for Applications: 

Email Applications:

Phone for questions about application:

Mailing Address for Applications :
MSMS Admissions
1100 College St.
MUW 1627
Columbus, MS 39701