Application Instructions

Application Instructions

The application is made up of nine parts, most of which will require little effort on your part to complete. The application will look slightly different depending upon whether you choose to complete it online, use the interactive .pdf pages,  or submit hard copies; but the content is the same for all versions. On this page you will find detailed information about each section of the application, along with instructions concerning the differences between the online and hard copy versions.

The parts of the application are: 

  • The Applicant Information Page
  • The Declaration of Legal Residence Page
  • The School Information Page
  • The Resume and Personal Narrative*
  • The Work Sample and Work Sample Narrative**
  • The Essays
  • Counselor and Teacher Recommendations

*The online version of the application splits this section into two parts. One is the resume submission page and the other is the Personal Narrative Page. On the print versions of the application, these two parts appear on one page.

**The online version of the application splits this section into two parts. One is the Work Sample Submission Page and the other is the Work Sample Narrative Page. On the print versions of the application, these two parts appear on the same page.

Before You Get Started...

  • Remember you may complete and submit the application in any order you choose. You do not have to submit it all at one time.
  • You may choose to complete the entire application online, complete it entirely via hard copy or combine them both. You may choose to do some online and some via hard copy. It is entirely up to you. We don't care how we receive the application; we only care that we have the whole of it by the application priority deadline. 
  • If you choose to complete the application online, be sure you enter in the same personal information on each form. We will track you based upon your name, address, phone number and email address. These need to match on each form. 
  • If you choose to submit handwritten hard copies be sure that we can read your handwriting.  

The Applicant Information Page

This is perhaps the simplest part of applying to MSMS, but in many ways it is the most important. This form not only provides us with essential information about you, but it is also the legal document that declares you wish to be considered as an applicant to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. We cannot begin to move your application forward until we have this form completed and signed by you and one of your parents.

Online Version: The online version of the Applicant Information Page features a method of signing the document electronically. Simply use your mouse (or your finger if you are using a tablet) as a pen to sign the document. If your computer will not allow you to sign the document then you must submit the hard copy version. 

 Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: Simply complete the hard copy by hand or complete the interactive .PDF, found on this website, on a computer. Print the document, make sure you and your parent both sign it if requested, and then mail, fax or scan/email it to the MSMS Admissions Office. If you choose to fill it out by hand, make sure we can read your handwriting. You may save an electronic copy of the interactive application.

Declarations of Legal Residence

You must live in Mississippi if you want to attend MSMS. To ensure that you live in the state, we require you to submit two documents that show your current address. These can take the form of driver's licenses, utility bills, tax documents, etc. The address on the proofs of residence must match the address you provide on the Applicant Information Page.

Online Version: You may upload copies of your documents, here. If you do not have access to a scanner, one method of submitting is to simply take a clear picture of your documents with a mobile device and upload the picture. 

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: Simply mail, fax, or scan/email your documents along with the student's name and information. You may also take a clear picture of your documents with a mobile device and email them to

School Information Page

You must let us know what classes you have taken and what classes you will have completed by the end of your sophomore year. 

Online Version: Check off the classes for which you have earned, or will have earned, high school credit by the end of your sophomore year. You must also list the schools you attended for your eighth, ninth and tenth grade years. If you have taken an advanced version of a course, Accelerated English for example, make sure you check the appropriate box for that class. Any classes you have taken which are not listed in the check boxes should be listed in the appropriate section of the form. 

 Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: List all the classes you have taken for which you have received high school credit or for which you WILL receive credit by the end of your sophomore year. You may mail, fax or scan/email this document upon completion.


You must submit a resume, not to exceed two pages in length, which describes your accomplishments and the activities in which you take part. While the majority of the format of the resume is up to you, it must be typed. Hand written resumes will not be accepted. The resume must also contain the following headings: Math and Science Awards/Recognition, Other Academic Awards/Recognition, Leadership/Extracurricular Activities, Special Interests and Hobbies

Be creative when considering what to include in your resume, but remember you are applying to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. Volunteer experience, high class ranking, and school involvement are great things to put on your resume. Telling us how much you like to talk on the phone and shop at the mall are terrible things to put on your resume.

Online Version: Simply upload your completed resume to this form. 

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: You may mail, fax or email your resume to us. Make sure you include the student's information.

Personal Narrative

You must write a brief - no more than 1,750 characters - Personal Narrative about yourself.  We like to call this the "Brag Box" because that is what you are essentially doing. You must use the box provided, so make sure your handwriting is legible. Lots of students forget to include this part of their application. Remember, it isn't complete until we have ALL of it.

Online Version: In the box provided, either write or copy/paste in your Personal Narrative. Be sure what you submit does not exceed 1,750 characters. Your Personal Narrative is meant to be brief. 

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: On the print version of the application, the Personal Narrative section is located on the same page which includes instructions for writing your resume. In the box provided, write your Personal Narrative. You may hand write or type out (on the interactive .PDF version) your Personal Narrative IN THE BOX PROVIDED. Do not attach additional pages, and do not write on the back of the page. You must keep it to the space within the confines of the box. If you choose to hand write your Personal Narrative, MAKE SURE WE CAN READ IT! You may mail, fax or scan/email this page upon completion.

Work Sample

Mr. Wade likes to call this section of the application "the heart-burn section" because so many students get so nervous when confronted with it. Rest easy. The Work Sample is only as difficult as you choose to make it. You must submit an original project of your own creation. It must be a science or math project. In your project you must state a problem or question, devise a method of addressing that problem or question and state the conclusion you reached about the problem or question you addressed. Essays, historical biographies, pedagogical projects (e.g. "How the Pythagorean Theorem Works") ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE WORK SAMPLES!!! We want to see you think! We want you to apply your knowledge and talent to something interesting, and we want to see what you can do!
If you are having trouble thinking of a good idea for a work sample, science fair projects are a fantastic place to start. If you have never done a science fair project or your school isn't involved in science fair, simply use your favorite search engine to do some digging online; and you should have no problem coming up with a great idea for a work sample. A word of warning, however: plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in your entire application being rejected. The project must be your own - no group projects may be submitted.
Not only will you be judged based upon the quality of your thinking and methodology, but presentation and creativity count as well. In the past students have submitted videos, electronicpresentations, physical objects they created and several other methods by which they show off their creative sides.
DON'T LET THE WORK SAMPLE INTIMIDATE YOU!!! Your work sample will be judged on its own merits and will not be compared to other students. Some of the simplest ideas have led to some of the most interesting and elegant work samples we have received. If you have additional questions concerning the work sample, contact the MSMS Admissions Office.

Online Version: You may upload your work sample here, or you may provide a link to your work sample if it is somewhere online. For example, if you wish to submit a video, it is often far simpler to upload the video to YouTube or a similar service and provide the link to the video rather than attempting to upload a large file to the Work Sample form. 

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: Submit your work sample in the best way you see fit, either by mail, fax or email. Make sure you include the student's information with the work sample. 

Work Sample Narrative

Along with your work sample, you must also provide a brief narrative (between 150 and 300 words) describing what your work sample is meant to convey and the method by which you went about creating it. This is the INTRODUCTION to your project and is intended to give your reviewers an overview of your project. It is a perfect place to state the problem or question your work sample addresses, the method by which you are addressing that problem or question and the conclusion or answer that you reached. 

Online Version: In the box provided on the form either write or copy/paste your Work Sample Narrative. Remember, the Narrative should be brief. 

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: On the page with the Work Sample instructions, you will find space to write your Work Sample Narrative. As with the Personal Narrative, you may either write your Work Sample Narrative by hand or type it into the space provided (using the interactive .PDF option). You may not write outside the box, use the back of the page, or attach additional pages to the form. Once complete mail, fax or scan/email the document to us. 


You must respond to the two following essay questions (these questions are also listed in the essay section of the application):

1.       The mission of MSMS is to "to enhance the future of Mississippi by meeting the individual needs of gifted and talented students through providing innovative learning experiences and leadership development in a residential environment... “ What do you think residential schools like MSMS offer their students? Why do you want to attend? How do your plans for your future align with our stated mission?

 2.       Pick a story of local, national, or international importance from the front page of any newspaper. Identify your source and give the date the article appeared. Then use your sense of humor, sense of outrage, sense of justice—or just plain good sense—to explain why the story engages your attention.

The essays must be between 500 and 700 words and typed using Times New Roman or Ariel fonts and double spaced. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON ALL PAGES OF YOUR ESSAYS!!!

Online Version: Simply upload your completed essays to the form.

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: You may mail, fax or email your essays to the Admissions Office. Be sure to include the student's information with each essay.

Counselor and Teacher Recommendations

You must secure completed recommendation forms from your current guidance counselor, a math teacher who has taught you within the past three years, a science teacher who has taught you within the past three years, and an additional teacher of your choosing who has taught you within the past three years. The additional teacher's recommendation may be completed by a regular classroom teacher or a teacher at a summer program in which you participated. Your teachers and counselor should not write you a letter of recommendation, but they should complete the appropriate MSMS Recommendation Forms. You may give your counselor and teachers copies of the recommendation forms, or you may choose to have us email your counselor and teachers the recommendation forms (instructions below). IT IS YOUR JOB TO MAKE SURE YOUR TEACHERS AND COUNSELORS COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE APPLICATION DEADLINE!  Finally, your counselor recommendation form doubles as your transcript request form. Be sure your counselor knows that you need him or her to send us all your grades for which you have received high school credit through your first semester sophomore year.

Online Version: On the form, enter in your teachers' and counselor's names and email addresses. Once you have completed your signed Applicant Information Page, we will email them the appropriate forms. You will be notified via email when we have received your recommendations back from your counselor and teachers.

Hard Copy or Interactive .pdf Versions: Simply print out the appropriate forms and put them in the hands of your teachers and counselor or copy the link to the .pdf version and paste it into an email message to the appropriate individuals. Ask them to mail, fax or scan/email the documents back to us once they have been completed. If you want your teacher to mail the form to us, it is a good idea to supply them with an envelope and a stamp.